Things of incense

History of Incense


It is said the origin of incense dates back to 3000 BC or even earlier.  It may have originated in Egypt and handed down through the continent to India and then introduced to Japan.


Value of Koh

“Ten Virtues of Koh” is a list of benefits delivered from the use of incense.  “Koh” is the translation of fragrance or incense in Japanese. 


Our Ingredients


After the Second World War, a lot of chemicals were used for making incense s sticks in Japan and because of this, a negative image was spread that incense had unpleasant smell and gradually lost its usefulness.


How to select Incense


Knowing your state of body and mind in this moment, being the state of presence, would be important to select suitable incense for you at this moment.


Incense can bring you to have a relaxed and clear consciousness


Have you ever had an experience that you became relaxed and expanded your mind suddenly when you scented beautiful aroma?


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