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Incense of Mani Mani

Incense of Mani Mani are made from finest natural ingredients.  It prepares our body and mind as well as purify the space. Soften scent helps to create the environment to fulfill your potential.  Enjoy the ancient wisdom of scents for yourself, someone special and others in various scenes of your life. Incense can be used as a deodorant, purifying and mold prevention.



The elegant scent by blend of sandal and aloes wood.
It has full of charm of aromatic woods and will invite you to awaken your conciseness yet bring calmness of your mind.
Scent master created this mystic blend based on his dream in the night.  Its scent gives you noble impression, also suitable for welcoming guests.

Ingredients: Sandalwood, Aloes wood, Musky tree, Tabu


“Zen is a name of heart”
Combination of romantic vanilla like a soft smile and pungent aroma of cinnamon allows you to love the wave of your heart even if it has unpleasant sense such as grief or anxiety.  Chinese medicines harmonize your body and mind as well as high purifying effect.

Ingredients: Sandalwood, Vanilla, Cinnamon, Active carbon, Chinese medicines


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This oriental scent is blended by sandalwood and Bulgarian rose which has finest quality of the roses.  Soften rose scent creates gorgeous and tenderness aroma also helps to balance hormone. Kishu bincho charcoal pyroligneous acid provides deodorization and bactericidal effects.  

Ingredients: Bulgarian rose, Sandalwood, Tabu



This incense has a delicate scent of the fields. Natural ingredients purifies spaces together with deodorization and bactericidal effects.   Subtle scent invites gentle calmness and awakening. It is suitable for working spaces, for pets, even for people who are not good with fragrance.  It is also recommended to be used in combination with other fragrances.

Ingredients: Active carbon, Titanium, Flavonoid, Ylang-ylang

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