Incense can bring you to have a relaxed and clear consciousness

Have you ever had an experience that you became relaxed and expanded your mind suddenly when you scented beautiful aroma?   It is quite important for your body and mind to have this kind of feeling. In such a state of mind, your nerve system will be relaxed and your muscle will be soften along with breathing deeply.  Deep breath absorbs oxygen into your body and allows your blood to circulate in the internal organs, brain and whole body. It activates the brain cells as well as invites us to have a relaxation state.  We also take natural herbs through the scent produced by natural ingredients.

“Killar stress” has received considerable attention in recent years. Heavy stress ruins your health and can even take your life. It is what's known as "killer stress."   
When we feel the stress, the reaction will appear in our body to fight against it, such as increasing active oxygen or blood sugar level, moreover, it makes blood vessels constrict and contracts muscles, in an opposite way, it occurs the high blood pressure.  Heavy stress may damage your blood vessels and cause heart attack, stroke, cancer and diabetes.
Fragrant aroma draws an opposite reaction from what is mentioned above.  Natural ingredients of incense awaken our consciousness comfortably. Scent brings ourselves to have a relaxed and clear mind and we also can invite someone precious to have a relaxation state and clear mind without using words, by just burning incense.  Therefore, the culture of scent has been valued since ancient times.

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