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Our Story


Incense can be described as “food for deities”, that is we receive the smile of deities by burning incense.


Finest aroma conceals energy of plants.  Floating flavor of scent heals and awakens your consciousness with working in your nervous system and hormones.  It influences your brain and internal organs. It also purifies the space and has deodorization and bactericidal effects.  The ancient wisdom of scents has been handed down since long ago.


We have asked for such a fine and mysterious incense.

In India, the origin of scent in East, it is said the energy of nature appears from the consciousness of love and joy.  In the other words, plants spread love to everything and celebrate in every moment without seeking return. Pure love of plants transforms into medicine and their joyful being transforms into aroma.  Free consciousness of plants may enhance their life force.

Sophisticated scent changes the impression of the space and creates congenial atmosphere as well as cleaning the space.  Moreover, it awakens your consciousness to help you to have a clear mind with relaxation along with improving various kind of physical disorders.
Burning incense leads you to a beautiful transformation in different scenes of your daily life.  
We recommend burning incense for meditation, improving your work performance, welcoming someone and for the place where pets are.

Incense has been respected as “food for deities” from time immemorial.  Mani Mani invites you to have this ancient wisdom of scents as a treasure of your daily life.

Ancient wisdom and great skill of craftsman are contained in our incense.  It cleans the air and enhances your well-being.

Although bamboo sticks are often used for incense, it needs to have a strong aroma to get rid of bamboo smell.  It is suitable for burning outside, however, it seems too strong to burn inside.


Japanese incense style is suitable for enjoying in the room.

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